Polyurethane and Composites equipment

Mixing Heads

The "heart" of Polyurethane technology lies in the mixing head, where various chemicals are blended before being deposited in the mould or on a conveyor.

Cannon have produced more than 25 thousand mixing heads for a wide range of formulations and final applications. Details

Metering Machines

Metering systems are one of the first range of products Cannon developed approximately 50 years ago and are still one of the core-businesses of the company. Easy to program, to be operated and maintained, Cannon Afros machines are available in High-pressure version-either pump- or piston-driven or Low-pressure, now being used by two generations of transformers. Details

Mouldcarriers, Mouldcarrying Systems

A very wide range of equipment is available for the moulding process: mouldcarriers, turntables and carousels to hold them, ancillary dosing units for additives, blowing agents, fillers and colors, storage plants, premixing stations, finishing equipment. Details

Complete Plants

Cannon produces special turnkey plants for every possible application of polyurethanes and composites in the automotive and refrigeration industry as well as other industry applications. Cannon continuously develops new machines and plants with improved productivity and automation, reducing manpower requirements and with the shortest cycle time possible. Details